Trekking in Folegandros

Explore all the beautiful trekking routes crossing the countryside of Folegandros island

Best way to explore Folegandros

Walk! One feature of Folegandros island is the pleasant atmosphere that invites you to walk. The footpaths available for hiking or trekking, well traced, the up and downhills seem not to scare anybody. Folegandros naturally attracts this way to explore the island. Everybody walks and hikes even along the paved roads, a much-preferred way to move by cars, scooters or buses.

The best five trekking routes of Folegandros Island

The constant of all footpaths is the crossing of the untouched countryside, the scent of its flora and the spectacular view of the sea. You may trek for 15 min. as for 4 hours. You may stop, bathe, and choose to return via a different route. All routes are self-guided.

Here are the five most attractive trekking routes:

1.The path-monopáti to the bay of Agios Geórgios - Copyright of

1. Ano Meriá (Agios Andréas) - Agios Sóstis - Agios Geórgios and back

Walking Time : 1h30m
A beautiful hike, through one of the nicest parts of Folégandros. The trail is magnificent and the beach is very pleasant. More info
2.The monopati just after the chapel of Christos - Copyright of

2. Ano Meria - Livadaki - Angali – Chora

Walking Time : About 6 to 7 hours.
The longest and probably also the most beautiful hike you can make on the island of Folégandros. You walk on a couple of marvellous monopátia and along the way you can swim on the beaches of Livadáki and Angáli. More info
3.The bay of Angali - Copyright of

3. Chóra - Angáli – Chóra

Walking Time : 1h20m
A hike, leading you to the beaches of Fyrá, Angáli and if you want Agios Nikólaos as well. There are a couple of possible variants, for example, take the most direct way to only the beach of Angáli. More info
4.The monopáti between Petoúsis and Livádi - Copyright of

4. Chora - Petoúsis - Livádi - Loústria – Karavostásis

Walking Time : 1h50m
This hike leads through the arid south-eastern part of Folégandros. The donkey trail between Chóra and Petoúsis.The beach of Livádi in the bay of Loustria is not unpleasant, but fairly exposed to the northerly wind. More info
5.The road that leads to the three mills - Copyright of

5. Chóra - Stavrós - Agia Paraskeví - Giórgi t' Aga - Ano Meriá (Theológos)

Walking Time : 3h
This hike describes one of the ways to walk from Chóra to Ano Meriá. It follows some magnificent trails and it provides great panoramic views on the bays of Angáli and Agios Nikólaos. More info

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